[Fedora-packaging] Re: Refining today's "don't touch system fs" guideline

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net
Fri Oct 13 08:53:08 UTC 2006

Le Ven 13 octobre 2006 10:33, Axel Thimm a écrit :
> On Fri, Oct 13, 2006 at 10:25:36AM +0200, Ralf Corsepius wrote:

>> They do not leave files around, nor do they do anything harmful. They
>> simply do not fit into the constraints you are trying to set up.
> Same is true for a package doing everything in %prep. Does that
> justify it just the same? And these are not constraints *I* am trying
> to set up, this is how rpm was designed to be used, the constraints
> are just to make sure it is used that way.

While some packagers may manipulate directories outside of the intended
rpm section safely, most people who do so just do not understand the risks
and usually end up with broken packages. (installing stuff before a script
changes it, installing a mix of production and build files and so on).

Also a spec which does not respect common style is more difficult to
review or salvage later if the maintainer went awol.

I'm all for Axel's proposal, except I'd also allow other constructs
provided the corresponding commented template is posted in the wiki and
approved by the board.

Nicolas Mailhot

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