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Mon Sep 4 14:21:08 UTC 2006

Rex Dieter wrote :

> Jesse Keating wrote:
> > Forwarding this here too.
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> > Subject: devel packages with only one .pc file
> > Date: Mon, 04 Sep 2006 15:11:26 +0200
> > 
> > I've recently got several bugs against package involving basically
> > splitting out only one pkg-config file into a -devel package, because
> > the packaging guidelines says so. I've done this for a couple of
> > packages, but its starting to get very ridicolous.
> > 
> > The one-file -devel package is totally useless
> I would tend to agree, a single .pc file -devel pkg is a bit silly.
> Perhaps the existing rule:
> - MUST: Files used by pkgconfig (.pc files) must be in a -devel package.
> probably ought to be amended.

Well, if the .pc file has its cflags or libs show that the package
requires other libraries (some X libs, or gtk stuff, or...), then it
does make sense to split the -devel package out, since it will not just
contain one file, but also other -devel package requirements that we
definitely don't want to be forcing on all simple users of the runtime


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