[Fedora-packaging] SELinux testing

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net
Fri Sep 8 21:30:28 UTC 2006

Le vendredi 08 septembre 2006 à 16:09 -0500, Jason L Tibbitts III a
écrit :
>  So I think it's way too early to be
> forcing people to test with SELinux on.

It's a vicious circle - if you don't test next release won't work with
selinux, which mean you won't test, and so on.

I'd probably relax the rules as "all packages must be tested with
SeLinux by FC7T1", with the selinux team making sure selinux does not
change too much afterwards so :
1. tested packages keep working at least till FC9T1
2. FC7 is solid selinux-wise and from FC7 on we *can* require new
packages to be selinux-proof

Note that FC7T1 is an *optimistic* deadline, it requires the selinux
team to stabilise code tools and documentation well before, *and* block
the human resources that will be necessary to help other packagers at
the test date, and fix packages before FC7 proper. If FC7 is half-fixed
like the previous ones, it *will* quickly degenerate. (network effects)

Nicolas Mailhot
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