[Fedora-packaging] Re: -devel arch dependencies

seth vidal skvidal at linux.duke.edu
Thu Apr 12 14:59:11 UTC 2007

On Thu, 2007-04-12 at 10:52 -0400, Matthew Miller wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 12, 2007 at 09:19:41AM -0400, seth vidal wrote:
> > > > Matthias, still annoyed at "yum install gdb" trying to pull in almost an
> > > > entire "compat" 32bit system... yeah, "yum install gdb.x86_64" :-p
> > > Someday we'll convince Seth to come around on this. :)
> > And how do we go about explaining to users on x86_64 machines why they
> > have to jump through all these hoops to run firefox that'll work with
> > plugins?
> yum install firefox.i386 ?
> With the default being to match "bestarch" if none is given.
> Okay, what am I missing? :)

"Why am I installing this older arch on my system?"
"What's an 'arch'?"
"Why can't fedora just work?"
"Why do I have to mess with all this stuff just to see web pages?"


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