[Fedora-packaging] Using of date in snapshot versions

Till Maas opensource at till.name
Thu Apr 12 19:59:54 UTC 2007


the naming guidelines say that one should use the date do describe the 


| If a snapshot package is considered a "pre-release package", you should
| follow the guidelines listed in Pre-Release Packages, and use an %{alphatag}
| in the following format:  

Maybe this is useful for cvs, because there is no better way to describe a 
snapshot. But e.g. with svn, which uses a global revision number, it is 
possible to use a unique id for the snapshot, where it is not uncertain which 
changes are included. For this reason I suggest to change the guideline, so 
that it suggests better identification strings for a snapshot, when it is 
avaiable, e.g.


for a snapshot of an svn repository at revision 123.


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