[Fedora-packaging] Re: Statistics on usage of disttags in Fedora Core and Extras

Zing zing at fastmail.fm
Fri Apr 6 18:52:20 UTC 2007

On Fri, 06 Apr 2007 18:04:56 +0200, Axel Thimm wrote:

> Conclusions:
> o The disttag idiom was very successful, even though it is not
>   mandatory it managed to be adopted in over 98% of Fedora Extras and
>   69% of Fedora Core.

I'd just like say, I'd have never used disttags if I wasn't forced to.  

There was some errors I was getting in trying to commit and build some 
package and the "recommendation" was to just use disttags.  That worked 
so I never really thought about it since then.

So for my case, it didn't really offer anything for me that makes it a 
"success"; just something I had to do to get my packages to continue 
through the build system.

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