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Axel Thimm Axel.Thimm at ATrpms.net
Thu Feb 1 06:52:51 UTC 2007

On Tue, Jan 30, 2007 at 02:46:12PM -0600, Tom 'spot' Callaway wrote:
> OK guys, here's the item that I've been working on with the JPackage
> folks for a while:
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PackagingDrafts/ExceptionJPackage
> This exception documents how Java packages which come from JPackage are
> to be handled, and paves the way for the eventual removal of the jpp
> tag.
> Fernando Nasser, Jesse Keating, and many others helped me put this
> together, and they all seem pretty happy with what we've got in this
> final draft.
> FPC members: Please vote on this item.
> Thanks,
> ~spot

I think we can get both the upgrade paths sane and the guidelines
non-violated (and in no need for exceptions) by using the proposed
scheme, but drop the jpp part, e.g. from the example

|| '''JPackage'''           || '''Fedora Package'''          || '''Status'''                                          || '''Highest RPMver''' ||
|| javacc-4.0-3jpp.src.rpm  || javacc-4.0-3.1.fc7.src.rpm || Package merged from JPackage into Fedora devel        || Fedora         ||
|| javacc-4.0-3jpp.src.rpm  || javacc-4.0-3.2.fc7.src.rpm || Fedora package has a bug fixed, bump subrelease       || Fedora         ||
|| javacc-4.0-3jpp.src.rpm  || javacc-4.0-3.3.fc7.src.rpm || Fedora package is rebuilt for new gcc, bump subrel    || Fedora         ||
|| javacc-4.0-4jpp.src.rpm  || javacc-4.0-3.3.fc7.src.rpm || JPackage is updated to fix a bug, bumps major release || JPackage       ||
|| javacc-4.0-4jpp.src.rpm  || javacc-4.0-4.1.fc7.src.rpm || Fedora package is merged from new JPackage            || Fedora         ||
|| javacc-5.0-1jpp.src.rpm  || javacc-4.0-4.1.fc7.src.rpm || JPackage releases new version of package              || JPackage       ||
|| javacc-5.0-1jpp.src.rpm  || javacc-5.0-1.1.fc7.src.rpm || Fedora package is merged from new JPackage            || Fedora         ||
|| javacc-5.0-1jpp.src.rpm  || javacc-5.0-1.1.fc7.src.rpm || FC-7 is released, package is no longer in devel       || Fedora         ||
|| javacc-5.0-1jpp.src.rpm  || javacc-5.0-1.1.fc7.1.src.rpm || A bug is fixed in the FC-7 package.                 || Fedora         ||

If s/o wants to visually emphasize the hierarchical structure in the
above one could use the "_" separator, e.g. javacc-4.0-3_1.fc7.src.rpm.

Remember: numbers win over alpha in rpm, so we have ensure upgrade paths, e.g.

		  <X>jpp < <X>.<Y>.blah < <X+1>jpp

Furthermore I think that

| Once the Fedora package is out of the devel branch and into a
| released branch, the release and subrelease fields are frozen. These
| packages are now subject to the Minor release bumps for old branches
| rule.

is very bad, we often explored that the space after the %{?dist} is
harmful to use, and it's not neccessary either. Why not continue to
use the second integer and freezing it? In the example above
javacc-5.0-1.1.fc7.1.src.rpm should become javacc-5.0-1.2.fc7.src.rpm
and if the bug is worth it it would even get rebuilt for FC6 (or RHEL

There are still different optinions on whether using the space after
the %{?dist} should be allowed or not (otherwise we'd have a part in
the guidelines), but in any case the java/jpackage packages don't need
it more or less than other packages, so that's not the use case to
bring this up again.

Since neither of the two exceptions are really needed, I'd say -1
Axel.Thimm at ATrpms.net
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