[Fedora-packaging] Re: Requires(post{, un}) on something in coreutils

Ville Skyttä ville.skytta at iki.fi
Fri Feb 9 21:54:46 UTC 2007

On Friday 09 February 2007 23:24, Axel Thimm wrote:
> Maybe we need a minimal assumed runtime environment just like we
> define a minimal assumed build evironment? The definition of such a
> beast would be the minimal set of packages that are needed to do
> anything sensible, for example everything that is pulled in by
> redhat-lsb (which includes coreutils).

redhat-lsb is far from being a suitable package for this.  As an example, 
here's what "yum install redhat-lsb" would do to my very sensibly working, 
although admittedly quite trimmed down PVR running FC6:

 Package                 Arch       Version          Repository        Size
 redhat-lsb              i386       3.1-11           core               21 k
Installing for dependencies:
 at                      i386       3.1.8-84.fc6     updates            55 k
 bc                      i386       1.06-21          core              106 k
 binutils                i386  updates           2.9 M
 cairo                   i386       1.2.6-1.fc6      updates           406 k
 cups                    i386       1:1.2.7-1.8.fc6  updates           2.8 M
 cups-libs               i386       1:1.2.7-1.8.fc6  updates           181 k
 dbus                    i386       1.0.1-9.fc6      updates           471 k
 ed                      i386       0.3-0.fc6        updates            54 k
 file                    i386       4.19-1.fc6       updates           357 k
 gettext                 i386       0.14.6-4.fc6     updates           1.4 M
 gnutls                  i386       1.4.1-2          core              349 k
 groff                   i386    core              1.9 M
 libXft                  i386       2.1.10-1.1       core               44 k
 libXi                   i386       1.0.1-3.1        core               25 k
 libXrender              i386       0.9.1-3.1        core               27 k
 libXt                   i386       1.0.2-3.1.fc6    core              174 k
 libxml2-python          i386       2.6.27-1.FC6     updates           705 k
 m4                      i386       1.4.5-4          updates           133 k
 make                    i386       1:3.81-1.1       core              465 k
 man                     i386       1.6d-2.fc6       updates           263 k
 pango                   i386       1.14.8-1.fc6     updates           330 k
 paps                    i386       0.6.6-17.fc6     updates            32 k
 patch                   i386       2.5.4-29.2.2     core               64 k
 pax                     i386       3.4-1.2.2        core               63 k
 time                    i386       1.7-27.2.2       core               17 k
 tmpwatch                i386       2.9.7-1.1        core               18 k

Transaction Summary
Install     27 Package(s)
Update       0 Package(s)
Remove       0 Package(s)

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