[Fedora-packaging] Draft: Init Scripts

Jesse Keating jkeating at redhat.com
Sun Feb 18 13:20:39 UTC 2007

On Sunday 18 February 2007 03:25, Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> Since introduction of /etc/sysconfig this role has gradually lost
> importance, but even nowadays, there still can exist situations where
> resorting to it is hardly avoidable.

Is the split between config in the init script and config in a 
proper /etc/sysconfig file something we wish to continue, perhaps even 
encourage by marking such files as %config?  At the very least it bothers 
rpmlint, but more it bothers me to have an inconsistent design for how 
services should be configured.  We don't protect any other script which may 
be edited by the admin...

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora
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