[Fedora-packaging] Java (jpackage) naming scheme rehash -- part 1 Goals

Fernando Nasser fnasser at redhat.com
Fri Jan 12 16:48:12 UTC 2007

Jesse Keating wrote:
> On Friday 12 January 2007 10:38, Fernando Nasser wrote:
>> We have been doing this for a few years now, it was never any problem.
>> Now that the spec files are the same upstream we do an import and spend
>> 1 minute or 2 with vimdiff to merge changelog entries and adjust the
>> release tag.
>> It is been very easy for us (Java team) and we are very happy with this
>> process.
> So you aren't using cvs-import.sh to just import the srpm from upstream?  

Yes we are.

> you are, that stomps on changes and replaces things.  The only time you'd get 
> a conflict is if the same lines changed differently, but there could be a NEW 
> changelog entry in the Fedora CVS that doesn't exist upstream, upstream has a 
> new line that doesn't exist in Fedora, once cvs-import.sh is done, only the 
> upstream changelog entry will remain, the one in Fedora will be erased.

Yes, we have the changelog entries added for the respin everything 
cases, some old entries regarding changes that were made for GCJ 
compilation when it was not as perfect as it is today, some emergency 
local fixes doen during release times that were incorporated upstream a 
few days later.  If this is deemed not important we can stopp merging them.

We will still add our '.N' release number to the release tag and add a 
changelog entry saying that we have imported and are rebuilding it with AOT.

BTW, so far we had to remove the Vendor and Distribution tags from the 
upstream spec file too, but that has been removed upstream to make it 
easier for the distros to import the packages.

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