[Fedora-packaging] Java naming scheme

seth vidal skvidal at linux.duke.edu
Thu Jan 18 04:37:43 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-01-17 at 16:23 -0500, Fernando Nasser wrote:
> Hi,
> b) yum has already some group functionality (groupinstall, groupupdate, 
> groupremove, groupinfo) that is based on an XML file that is kept in the 
> repository.  But the option --exclude only acts on file names, we need a 
> --groupexclude.
> We already have a "Java" group, with only 2 packages on it:
> # yum groupinfo Java
> Loading "installonlyn" plugin
> Setting up Group Process
> Setting up repositories
> Group: Java
>  Description: Support for running programs written in the Java 
> programming language.
>  Mandatory Packages:
>    libgcj
>    java-1.4.2-gcj-compat
> We could just make sure all Java packages are in the Java group to make 
> use of the yum group functionality.
> We just need the --groupexclude.
> I will try and create a patch to add a '--groupexclude' as soon as I 
> finish with the rpm one.

why do you need a 'groupexclude' option? I guess I don't understand the
use case for it, yet.


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