[Fedora-packaging] Java naming scheme

Fernando Nasser fnasser at redhat.com
Thu Jan 18 16:43:14 UTC 2007

Hi Jesse,,

Please note that I don't have any problems with using the dist tag, I 
just want to make sure I understand the situations where it should be 
used so that I (and others who are followint the thread) know how to use 
it properly.

Jesse Keating wrote:
> On Thursday 18 January 2007 10:57, Fernando Nasser wrote:
>> But isn't the norm that we do this only if such case ever happen?
> Without the dist there beforehand, it doesn't help to add it after, as foo.fc6 
> will be newer than just foo, where foo could have been foo.fc7.
>> Anyway, I believe the only case we would respin the FC6 one would be if
>> there was a (security?) bug, so we will probably have to respin the FC7
>> one as well, so it will end up being FC6 +1 anyway.  At least this is
>> what has been happening so far.
> That isn't always the case.  A bug with the gcj version in FC6 could cause a 
> rebuild, and that bug may not exist in the F7 version of gcj.  Or there could 
> have been a buildsystem issue when building 3jpp for all branches, requiring 
> you to rebuild on FC6 branch but not F7 branch.  These things do happen, we 
> need to account for them instead of trying to work around them with epochs 
> later.

But this can happen with any package right?  If any package is not 
upgraded between fc6 and FC7 for instance, it is subject to have to be 
respun for FC6 and that make it newer than the one in FC7.

Lets say ppp was not updated between FC6 and FC7. So we have:

FC6  ppp-2.4.4-1

FC7  ppp-2.4.4-2

And if ppp has to be updated in FC6 and not in FC7 we'd be in trouble, 

As we cannot ensure this situation will never happen for any package, 
ALL packages would have to use dist.

Or is it that we only do that if there was no major version updates 
between FC6 and FC7?  As we never do major upgrades in older releases 
that would take care of it.

>> Shouldn't we leave the %{_dist} out and add it only if absolutely
>> necessary for a specific package?
> Again, by the time you realize you need it, its too late, unless you rebuild 
> on ALL branches just to add the dist tag, and then you defeat the purpose.  
> ANY package that is using the same upstream version should probably use the 
> dist tag to avoid non-fun games with adjusting release across branches.

I think what I need to understand now is why it affects more packages 
with an upstream version than the others.  You are probably thinking of 
a specific scenario, what is it?

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