[Fedora-packaging] erroneous provides

Matthias Clasen mclasen at redhat.com
Fri Jan 26 06:11:33 UTC 2007

I have looked a bit at the provides in Core, and after a bit of creative
repoquery use, came up with the list of duplicate provides below. 

A bunch of them is intentional, like smtpdaemon, webclient or
php_database. The bulk of it is due to non-library DSOs and is probably
relatively harmless. Some of them may be real errors, like libmpi.so.0,

So it looks like things are in relatively good shape in Core. I haven't
completed the same analysis for Core+Extras. 

A couple of questions come out of this excercise:

1) Why does rpm keep all those non-library DSOs as provides ? Thats 
blowing up the list of provides significantly, causing a lot of
duplicates, and is unlikely to ever be used for ever satisfying a
requires, unless it is in error (e.g. see libsvg.so in the list)

2) Is rpm smart enough to disambiguate provides based on the full path,
or is a provides for libsvg.so that lives in /usr/lib/compiz/libsvg.so
going to be used to satisfy a requires for a shared library with the
same name ? I guess this will rarely be a problem, since the shared
library requirement will be against something like libsvg.so.4.


Finally, the list:

postgresql-contrib: autoinc.so
postgresql-test: autoinc.so
mod_perl: Base64.so
perl: Base64.so
samba: cap.so
zsh: cap.so
aqbanking: csv.so.0
gwenhywfar: csv.so.0
python: datetime.so
zsh: datetime.so
xen: fsimage.so
xen-libs: fsimage.so
mailman: hangul.so
scim-hangul: hangul.so
rhpl: iconv.so
ruby-libs: iconv.so
scim-bridge-gtk: im-scim-bridge.so
scim-bridge-qt: im-scim-bridge.so
gnu-crypto-sasl-jdk1.4: java-sasl
java-1.4.2-gcj-compat: java-sasl
java-1.4.2-gcj-compat: jaxp_parser_impl
xerces-j2: jaxp_parser_impl
mkinitrd: libbdevid.so.6.0.6
nash: libbdevid.so.6.0.6
lam-libs: libmpi.so.0
openmpi-libs: libmpi.so.0
compiz: libsvg.so
librsvg2: libsvg.so
perl-DBD-MySQL: mysql.so
php-mysql: mysql.so
ccid: pcsc-ifd-handler
ifd-egate: pcsc-ifd-handler
automake15: perl(Class::Struct::Tie_ISA)
perl: perl(Class::Struct::Tie_ISA)
perl-Carp-Clan: perl(DB)
perl: perl(DB)
gaim: perl.so
xchat: perl.so
python: pyexpat.so
PyXML: pyexpat.so
python: readline.so
ruby-libs: readline.so
postgresql-contrib: refint.so
postgresql-test: refint.so
perl-PDL: RNG.so
python-numeric: RNG.so
postfix: smtpdaemon
sendmail: smtpdaemon
mod_perl: Socket.so
perl: Socket.so
perl-Crypt-SSLeay: SSLeay.so
perl-Net-SSLeay: SSLeay.so
perl-PDL: Storable.so
perl: Storable.so
python: syslog.so
ruby-libs: syslog.so
postfix: /usr/bin/mailq
sendmail: /usr/bin/mailq
postfix: /usr/bin/newaliases
sendmail: /usr/bin/newaliases
postfix: /usr/bin/rmail
sendmail: /usr/bin/rmail
postfix: /usr/sbin/sendmail
sendmail: /usr/sbin/sendmail
mod_perl: Util.so
perl: Util.so
ImageMagick: xc.so
xen: xc.so
php-mysql: php_database
php-odbc: php_database
php-pgsql: php_database
selinux-policy-mls: selinux-policy-base
selinux-policy-strict: selinux-policy-base
selinux-policy-targeted: selinux-policy-base
gnome-python2-bonobo: ui.so
gnome-python2-gnomeprint: ui.so
gnome-python2: ui.so
ruby-libs: socket.so
scim-libs: socket.so
scim: socket.so
zsh: socket.so
elinks: webclient
firefox: webclient
lynx: webclient
w3m: webclient
wget: webclient

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