[Fedora-packaging] erroneous provides

Bill Nottingham notting at redhat.com
Fri Jan 26 18:12:32 UTC 2007

Matthias Clasen (mclasen at redhat.com) said: 
> Its hard to make that very precise, but it should mean something like
>   Look at the list of provides and verify that all of them are
>   intentional. Use repoquery to check if other packages already provide
>   the same thing, and if so, look closer. This is generally ok if
>   the provides is for a .so that lives outside of LIBDIR, otherwise
>   it indicates a potential problem.

Maybe also:

 If your package provides perl(<anything>), and either:
 a) your package is not a perl module
 - or -
 b) your package is not named the same <anything>
 it is almost certainly a bug.


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