[Fedora-packaging] Re: "slicing" ocaml 3.10.0: comparison with debian friends?

Richard Jones rich at annexia.org
Thu Jun 14 21:06:50 UTC 2007

On Thu, Jun 14, 2007 at 09:05:01PM +0100, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 14, 2007 at 08:29:36PM +0100, Richard Jones wrote:
> > We're actually distributing camlp4 as a separate package.  To
> > be honest I hadn't looked at the sizes until now:
> Thanks for this list!
> Would you mind sending us (maybe as an attachment?) a list of the files
> contained in each package? From this list I can guess the content, but
> just to be sure...

Gemi did this actually.  Here is the list of files:

%files camlp4
%dir %{_libdir}/ocaml/camlp4
%dir %{_libdir}/ocaml/camlp4/Camlp4Filters
%dir %{_libdir}/ocaml/camlp4/Camlp4Parsers
%dir %{_libdir}/ocaml/camlp4/Camlp4Printers
%dir %{_libdir}/ocaml/camlp4/Camlp4Top

%files camlp4-devel

> >   $ rpm -q --requires ocaml-calendar
> I'll have a look at your guidelines. In the meantime, can you expand the
> above command for non rpm speakers so that we can parse the output? :)

It just lists the requirements (dependencies) of the ocaml-calendar

For comparison, here are symbols provided by the same:

  $ rpm -q --provides ocaml-calendar
  ocaml(Calendar) = db8ca9a52d58e744b63d354d36f12620
  ocaml(Date) = 57886756cbdb3aa1db37638a7809f610
  ocaml(Period) = e220d29e5b87b6ec8b8b474a2ae54685
  ocaml(Printer) = 4454f0bfed349268f57ffd82a7d78499
  ocaml(Time) = 35fe4ca99bb3640b22bc286fc97adff5
  ocaml(Time_Zone) = 23b711a8eb543e69e6f53d67a0eccf57
  ocaml-calendar = 1.10-5

The symbols are generated automagically by scanning the OCaml objects
(*.cmi, *.cmo, *.cma) using ocamlobjinfo.  The two scripts attached to
this bugzilla do it:


(scroll down to near the bottom).


Richard Jones
Red Hat

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