[Fedora-packaging] License issue for all GIS related packages. [call for help]

Balint Cristian cbalint at redhat.com
Mon Jun 25 23:27:19 UTC 2007

> ======================
> So, to sum it up, here's what we would like to see:
> The license needs to permit people to create derived works of the EPSG
> dataset. Simply because we cannot fathom any possible derived works does
> not mean that the right should be withheld. This is at the very heart of
> open source and free software. However, it is perfectly acceptable to
> say that those derived works may not call themselves the EPSG dataset.

 Yes I agree. Understood here.

   However to be bad a bit, i really look forward for someone who can invent a 
new projection for his own pospose :-) Maybe. It will be never used by no one,
not even for survey the back yard garden :) Maybe bottom of my aquarium ?
  it wouldn be serious one at all.
   But than, e.g if i invent one wich i think fit perfect  for some land i will look
 forward anyway for someone's help to  certificate at all it, since i will not be able 
to claim it is functional and better and more precise than i dont know wich one 
particulary. And if its about certificate it probably i go EPSG to help me out.
  Maybe its similar with encryption algorithms, where olso is pretty difficult
to come out these days with a new one, and claim its performance and usability
in some ways. I still can use my early high scool one invented  
"reverse mixing of ABC letters" TM at all, but probably  just for send out mail to my 
girlfriend  :-D

   Just my +.5 cent opinion, i still think here is very low interest to alter EPSG and 
make derivative work out of it. It see total nonsense in real world.

> If we can get that, we can include the EPSG dataset in Fedora. :)

Would be great !

> ~spot

Balint Cristian (Red Hat Release Engineering Team)
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