[Fedora-packaging] IAXy Firmware

Jeffrey C. Ollie jeff at ocjtech.us
Tue Mar 6 06:14:33 UTC 2007

Well, after a long time off, I'm back to working on packaging Asterisk,
and I thought that I'd revisit my previous decision to exclude the IAXy

The IAXy is a small networked device produced by Digium (the developers
of Asterisk) to connect an analog phone to an Asterisk PBX[0].  It needs
some firmware to operate that can be served up to an IAXy over the
network by Asterisk.  The IAXy firmware is included with the Asterisk
tarball, the relevant section from the LICENSE file is this:

        This file is Copyright (C) Digium, Inc. and is licensed for
        use with Digium IAXy hardware devices only. It can be
        distributed freely as long as the distribution is in the
        original form present in this package (not reformatted or

Based upon recent discussion regarding wireless firmware, it seems that
it is permissible to package the IAXy firmware.  Am I correct?


[0] http://www.digium.com/en/products/hardware/s101i.php
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