[Fedora-packaging] Post-release tags

Fernando Nasser fnasser at redhat.com
Wed Mar 21 21:24:57 UTC 2007

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> Le Mer 21 mars 2007 15:29, Tom \"spot\" Callaway a écrit :
>> I prefer option 1, as I suspect that users might care when something is
>> in beta/pre-release,
> IMHO option 2 is better

Yeah, for me too.  The reason is that people are informed that certain 
bugs are fixed in (and after) certain post-releases, so they really need 
to know which one they have.

>> but don't care at all about post-release levels as
>> long as it works. Either way works. The latter mechanism is a logical
>> extension of CVS/SVN release naming,
> And is good for the same reason pre-release is (stop users complaining
> because they don't understand the actual version used)
>> but it introduces icky underscores
>> and makes the n-v-r longer (for what benefit)?
> There's no reason not to sanitize alphatags, using small caps and
> replacing underscores with something else (nothing, dot, whatever).
> Alphatags are informative

As you brought that up...  I saw that some keep the uppercase letters 
from the upstream tag or tar ball version, others make it lower case.

What is the correct way?


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