[Fedora-packaging] to fuse- prefix or not to fuse- preifx

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at leemhuis.info
Wed Mar 28 17:19:17 UTC 2007


I searched for a fuse solution for ftp/gmail today and noticed that we 
have four fuse files systems with fuse- prefix in Fedora:

$ yum list fuse-*
fuse-convmvfs.i386                       0.2.3-2.fc7 
fuse-encfs.i386                          1.3.1-3.fc6 
fuse-smb.i386                            0.8.5-5.fc7 
fuse-sshfs.i386                          1.7-2.fc6

And at least two without:

$ yum list ntfs-3g curlftpfs
curlftpfs.i386                           0.9-3.fc7 
ntfs-3g.i386                             2:1.0-1.fc7


Do we care about that mismatch? Should we rename the two latter in the 
long term just to be consistent? I tend to say "yes", so users that 
search like I did (yum list fuse-*) don't get taken into the wrong 

Yes, it's just a small detail, but having some package with prefix and 
some without is IMHO just confusing.


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