[Fedora-packaging] Draft Changes to static libraries

Toshio Kuratomi a.badger at gmail.com
Tue May 22 03:47:56 UTC 2007

I've written a draft of changes to the static library guidelines::

There are three pieces which can be voted on separately or together
depending on how controversial they are:
 1) Separate static library inclusion from static library linkage and
make static library inclusion less strict.
 2) Change how to package static libraries when the package does not
include dynamic libraries (per Ralf's note to the list)
 3) Incorporate mschwendt's note about *.la files directly into the
guidelines instead of as a footnote.

Comments welcome.

== Exclusion of Static Libraries ==
Packages including libraries should exclude static libs as far as
possible (eg by configuring with ''--disable-static'').  Static
libraries should only be included in exceptional circumstances.
Applications linking against libraries should as far as possible link
against shared libraries not static versions.

Libtool archives, ''foo.la'' files, should not be included. Packages
using libtool will install these by default even if you configure with
''--disable-static'', so they may need to be removed before packaging.
Due to bugs in older versions of libtool or bugs in programs  that use
it, there are times when it is not always possible to remove *.la files
without modifying the program.  In most cases it is fairly easy to work
with upstream to fix these issues.

=== Packaging Static Libraries ===
 * In general, packagers are strongly encouraged not to ship static libs
unless a compelling reason exists.

 * We want to be able to track which packages are using static libraries
(so we can find which packages need to be rebuilt if a security flaw in
a static library is fixed, for instance.)
  * When a package provides both dynamic and static libraries the static
libraries must be placed in a ''*-static'' subpackage.  Separating the
static libs from the other development files in ''*-devel'' allow us to
track this usage by checking which packages Build''''''Require the
''*-static'' package.
  * When a package only provides static libraries you can place all the
files in the ''*-devel'' subpackage.  When doing this you also have to
have a virtual Provide for the static package:
  %package devel
  Provides: foo-static = %{version}-%{release}
  This way other packages which will link against a dynamic library when
your package starts providing one can {{{BuildRequire: foo-devel}}} and
packages which explicitly need to link against the static version can
{{{BuildRequire: foo-static}}}

=== Staticly Linking Executables ===
 * Static linkage is a special exception and should be decided on a
case-by-case basis.  The packager must provide rationale for linking
statically, including precedences where available, to FESCO for

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