[Fedora-packaging] Meaning of -devel

Richard W.M. Jones rjones at redhat.com
Fri May 25 19:01:57 UTC 2007

Is there a policy which describes precisely what should go into a -devel 

Here is an example case where I'm unsure:

In OCaml there's a thing called the "toplevel".  Think of it as being 
like the python command line (where you just type "python" on its own, 
then start typing in Python expressions).

$ ocaml -I +calendar
         Objective Caml version 3.09.3

# #load "unix.cma";; 

# #load "str.cma";; 

# #load "calendar.cma";; 

# let d = Printer.DatePrinter.from_string "2007-01-01";; 

val d : Printer.DatePrinter.t = <abstr>
# Printer.DatePrinter.to_string (Date.next d `Week);; 

- : string = "2007-01-08"

So my question: If I'm packaging ocaml-calendar (a library) then should 
the parts which make the above possible go into the main package or 

Note that as far as I can see in Python -- and I'm not hugely familiar 
with that language so forgive me if I've made a mistake -- but it seems 
they go in the main package.

Another thing is that if I move the parts into the -devel subpackage, 
then ocaml-calendar will literally be empty!


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