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Re: [Fedora-packaging] rpmlint: W: strange-permission foo.init 0755

On Tuesday 09 October 2007, Stepan Kasal wrote:
> Hello,
>   many packages contain executable scripts (shell, perl, etc.)
> In most cases, these scripts have +x set in the fedora CVS.
> (After a quick inspection, I see that all *.init scripts in the
> fedora packages which I happen to have checked out have +x set.)

>From a pedantic POV: I don't see the point of init scripts being executable 
inside the SRPM or when unpacked from it.  And many other scripts in SRPMs 
need to be run in a very controlled environment/with specific parameters that 
are easily settable only from within a build anyway, so removing the 
executable bits (and invoking them with a specified interpreter from the 
specfile) kind of communicates the intent that they shouldn't be run outside 
of the package build and thus there's no need for them to be executable.

> Please note as long as we use CVS for Fedora and the cvs://... URLs
> in koji, we are not able to change flags of an existing file without
> a rename or a server side hack.  (A limitation of CVS.)

Yep, that's an unfortunate one.

> I reported the problem upstream, but I was told that this feature is
> configurable.

Right, by me :)

> Could you please change the configuration for Fedora rpmlint?

If the consensus is that eg. 0755 and 0775 should be accepted, will change the 
defaults.  Personally, no strong opinions, but mildly against it.

Note that people who dislike the current default config can already override 
it in their ~/.rpmlintrc or /etc/rpmlint/config:

    setOption("ValidSrcPerms", (0664, 0644, 0775, 0755, ))

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