[Fedora-packaging] fortran .mod files

Patrice Dumas pertusus at free.fr
Sat Oct 20 22:24:43 UTC 2007


Currently there is no guideline regarding fortran 90 .mod, it seems to
me that one is needed. These files are generated by gfortran when
building a module. These are text files, but not intended to be read by
humans. They are architecture dependent. When compiling some code that
uses the module, the .mod has to be found in the include path (for
example in a directory specified by -I).

Where should the .mod be installed? I propose


(f90 may also be replaced by another meaningfull subdirectory name).

This directory could be called %_fmoddir

And add -I%_fmoddir in FFLAGS when compiling some code that
requires the module.

The optimal situation would be to have %_fmoddir defined in rpm macros
and -I%_fmoddir added to default FFLAGS.

So my first question is what is your advice about fortran modules 

My second is, in case it is meaningful, what about my proposal regarding
rpm macros?


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