[Fedora-packaging] Python Egg Draft 3

Toshio Kuratomi a.badger at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 22:32:55 UTC 2007

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This is the third round of the Python Egg Draft.  It contains changes
proposed at today's packaging meeting.

# Sep 11, 2007 -- Add note that all eggs must be rebuilt from source.
 * Add summary of egg on-disk formats.
 * Revise where this information will be placed in the Guidelines.
  o Make most of it its own page
  o Add a short checklist of Must/Shoulds to go on Packaging/Python.

And from slightly before the meeting:

 * Make the switch for eggs within distutils be F9 instead of F8 after
talking with Jeremy.
  o Add some mailing list discussions to the links section.
  o Add a sample README.fedora file.

I think I got everything except virtual Provides and virtual Requires.
I'd like to make that a separate change to be discussed after we make
sure we'll switch distutils egg generation on for F9.  My reasoning is this:

* Currently python doesn't have virtual provide symbols like perl or php do.
* If we turn on egg generation in distutils, practically every python
module is going to have egg-info.

So if we start now with two separate namespaces python-egg(MODULE) and
python(MODULE), by F-9 we could have everything using python-egg(MODULE)
and next to nothing using python().

There are some little wrinkles in this and it may also be affected by
Panu's work on a python-dependency-extractor for rpm.  I'll send out a
message on this shortly.

- -Toshio
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