[Fedora-packaging] Octave package standard

Orion Poplawski orion at cora.nwra.com
Tue Sep 25 20:11:37 UTC 2007

I'm currently working with octave upstream to get their new package 
management system in line with Fedora so that we can easily build RPMs 
with it.  I'd like to get a Fedora package standard configured and 
approved at the same time.  I've put a draft on the wiki at:


Some further information:

- Currently octave uses the /usr/libexec tree to install the .oct files. 
  These are really shared libraries.  It does use an arch/api versioned 
directory, e.g.:


Some other package files (PKG_ADD/PKG_DEL) get added there too.

- Currently the entire octave forge collection is part of the 
octave-forge package.  I will releasing this for F8, with the 
understanding that this will be replaced by individual packages later. 
The octave forge package will have provides like:

Provides: octave-gsl = 1.0.1

to try to provide a better upgrade path.  We may want to keep the 
octave-forge as a meta package that pulls in the others.  Let me know if 
this doesn't seem correct.

- DISTPKG (%{octave_distpkg}) is a flag that this is being built by a 
package manager.  The contents get inserted into an informational 
message, but otherwise does not mean much.

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