[Fedora-packaging] release of subpackage with version different from main rpm

Patrice Dumas pertusus at free.fr
Sat Jan 5 12:00:35 UTC 2008

On Sat, Jan 05, 2008 at 07:59:40PM +0900, Mamoru Tasaka wrote:
> Jindrich Novy wrote, at 01/05/2008 05:54 PM +9:00:
> Well, it can be that one (huge) tarball has several sub-components which
> are developed independency and they has different versions _internally_
> however they are released in one tarball anyway?

Internally or not internally is not a simple matter. In the case of
texlive, for example, the softwares come from CTAN, in general or are
in teexlive svn taken from somewhere else. However it may happen
that texlive has become something like the new upstream... though 
intermediate release may still happen out of texlive.

> Generally if one component of the tarball is updated (for example
> xdvi is updated from 22.84.12 to 22.84.13), then upstream should also bump the
> version of the tarball because even if only one component of the (huge)
> tarball is changed it means from external it means that the tarball is changed
> anyway (i.e. texlive must have version "2007.1", for example).
> If upstream releases new version of the tarball without changing the version
> but with changing one of the components, it is very confusing and in the case
> "we" (rpm packager) should change version intentionally (like ImageMagick).

This is not an issue with texlive, there is only one release a year
with change in version.

> IMO "version" of rpm should respect from what "tarball" the rpm is generated.
> For xdvi if providing "22.84.12" is preferable, it must be treated by
> vertial provides, i.e. the name of rpm should be "texlive-xdvi" with version
> "2007", with providing "xdvi = 22.84.12".

That's another option, but if we split it in the future we'll have to
add obsoletes and provides, this is avoided in the current situation.

It should be noted that for texlive some subpackages should be packaged
completly separately, but they were already in tetex, so I allowed
Jindrich to ship them with texlive. Still some are better taken from
texlive though they have their own veresioning.


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