[Fedora-packaging] Should vim-X11 conflict with vim-enhanced ?

Rex Dieter rdieter at math.unl.edu
Tue Jan 15 21:20:48 UTC 2008

Till Maas wrote:

> I do not know, whether or not seperating vim-X11 and vim-enhanced is worth it. 
> This is only what is currently the case. All I want to achive is that 
> the /usr/bin/gvim binary from vim-X11 will have symlinks with the names 
> {vim,vimdiff,ex,view,rview,rvim,vimtutor} in /usr/bin. So now there are three 
> ways to do it:
> 1) use Conflicts
> 2) use alternatives
> 3) use the binary from vim-X11 in vim-enhanced instead

And 1 really isn't an option.  fedora ninjas will find you in your sleep...

-- Rex

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