[Fedora-packaging] Possible restructuring of docbook-related packages?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Wed Jan 16 18:10:42 UTC 2008

  i'm wondering if there might be some benefit to repackaging some of
the docbook-related packages.

  first, there are the two "utils" packages:


it seems awkward to have one package advertising itself as "utils",
only for some of those utils to be broken off and put in a more
specific package, which wouldn't be obvious to anyone who simply saw
"docbook-utils" and figured that's all he needed.

  more to the point, that second package contains additional utilities

$ rpm -ql docbook-utils-pdf

so there's DVI and PS stuff in there as well -- certainly not obvious
from the package name.  is there some reason this can's just be all in
one package?

  also, is there any clean way to separate the SGML and XML stuff in
the docbook-dtds package?  even the XML DTDs for docbook are under
/usr/share/sgml.  does XML processing still require underlying
functionality?  if not, is there no way to separate all of that into
SGML versus XML content, and perhaps load only the XML-related
packages if that's all one needs?


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