[Fedora-packaging] Conditionally building a sub-package?

James Laska jlaska at redhat.com
Mon Jan 21 17:03:50 UTC 2008


Looking for a recommendation or thoughts around resolving a EPEL deps 
issue noted in bug#429479.

The snake package contains a server and client utility.  The client is 
intended to run on distribution from FC3 and newer.  The server must be 
run in an environment that includes pykickstart >= 1.1.  At this time, 
this means anything newer than FC7.

In bug#429479 it was discussed that conditionally building the 
sub-package on environments < FC7 was a good method to avoid EPEL deps 

My plan was to implement something like the following:

%define has_pykickstart_version %{python -c "import 
pykickstart.version;" 2>/dev/null && echo "1" || echo "0"}

%if %{has_pykickstart_version}



Do folks have any experience or recommendations in the realm of 
conditional sub-package builds?


  James Laska         -- jlaska at redhat.com
  Quality Engineering -- Red Hat, Inc.

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