[Fedora-packaging] pike packages

josef radinger cheese at nosuchhost.net
Wed Jan 23 18:07:33 UTC 2008


I currently work on creating pike-packages.
the next lines of text are shameless ripped from

Pike is a general purpose programming language, which means that you can
put it to use for almost any task. Its application domain spans anything
from the world of the Net to the world of multimedia applications, or
environments where your shell could use some spicy text processing or
system administration tools. Your imagination sets the limit, but Pike
will probably extend it far beyond what you previously considered within

the - in my opinion - main application using pike is caudium/roxen,
which is a cool webserver, i personally use since years and love to use
it. creating caudium-packages would be my next step.

to be honest, there are problems too:
there are not enough developers to keep up with new developments, but
theses days this seems to improve and would improve further, if
fedora-users would join in as deveopers AND as endusers (without the
obstacle to compile pike).

I would need someone willing to review the pike-packages. 


ps.: i did not send a link to the packages, as those are currently
somewhat rough and i need to find some time to work around the biggestr
problems, before showing them to the public. 

pps.: i wanted to send this after the packages where ready, but i never
got to that point, and now i have to finish them, as hopefully i get
some response from the list.

ppps.: http://www.caudium.net is currently under rework

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