[Fedora-packaging] Requires(hint):

Jason L Tibbitts III tibbs at math.uh.edu
Sun Jun 22 17:11:30 UTC 2008

>>>>> "VS" == Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta at iki.fi> writes:

VS> The semantics (both current and future) should be pretty clear and
VS> I'd be surprised if we wouldn't eventually see tools that support
VS> it better than just treating it as equivalent to plain Requires.

That's precisely my point, though.  It has no use in current packages,
and may change behavior according to the whims of rpm's maintainers.
Not a terribly good thing to allow.

Besides, ignoring rpm's behavior for a bit, it's still a valid
question as to whether this is desired in Fedora.  That question
touches on things like how yum and kickstart should handle such
dependencies.  I don't think it should be allowed until the larger
questions are answered.

 - J<

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