[Fedora-packaging] Unifying Fedora and openSuse packaging guidelines, rpmmacros and scriplets

Hans de Goede j.w.r.degoede at hhs.nl
Thu Jun 12 19:54:37 UTC 2008


As a result fo some discussion on the fdo distributions list, I've been having 
some very interesting discussions with people from Suse, currently one of them 
(Stanislav Brabec) is preparing a wiki document describing the differences, and 
shared problems we have like gtk-update-icon-cache, etc.

We would really like to continue our discussions in the open and Stanislav had 
discussed this with the rpm.org people, and as they are interested in large 
parts of this discussion they have suggesting to join rpm-maint at lists.rpm.org. 
This is not a high traffic list (about 50 mails/month), and most people there 
would be interested in the discussion anyway.

So I would like to invite anyone interested to subscribe to rpm-maint at lists.rpm.org

Stanislav will send a mail there to start the discussion when he has some wiki 
pages which describe the current differences and shared problems.

Thanks & Regards,


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