[Fedora-packaging] Mounting Problem...

Shobhit Gupta shobhit_gupta_it at yahoo.co.in
Thu Jun 19 17:52:50 UTC 2008

hi all...
 i m new user of LINUX.
i m using Fedora9
i dont hve much knowledge abt it but, i wanna learn it mn wrk on it...
i gotta a prob after installation
i m using LINUX along wid Windows XP & Vista
i hve 6 partitions in total
c is for win XP 32 bit
d is for WIN Vista 32 bit
e is for Fedora9 - 64 bit
whn i open My Computer in LINUX, i am able to c all the partitions but not able to open any one of  them except the one tht i use for Linux
i searched for the solution on net
i tried follow commands in the terminal:-
su -
yum install ntfs-3g
it got installed successfull and i came 2 know abt it whn i retried this command 2-3 times.
it showed tht i have already installed this component
but still i m not able to use the partitions
i really want to ba regular user of fedora as i like it...
kindly help me out ...
my e-mail address is shobhit_gupta_it at yahoo.co.in
please reply me soon and help me out...plz...

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