[Fedora-packaging] Requires(hint):

Tom Lane tgl at redhat.com
Sun Jun 22 02:37:46 UTC 2008

Jason L Tibbitts III <tibbs at math.uh.edu> writes:
> "CS" == Christopher Stone <chris.stone at gmail.com> writes:
> CS> Shouldn't this be: ban use of
> CS> Requires(RandomCrapWhichIsntSupportedYet) Otherwise, I can just
> CS> change my Requires(hint) to Requires(opt) or some other random
> CS> crap.

> It would be disappointing to have to go to this level of lawyering.  I
> mean, who would actually do that?

*Everyone* is only one typo away from invoking Requires(randomcrap).
ISTM this is not a policy problem.  The correct response to this is
to fix our tools so that you get an error if the parenthesized string
isn't one of the accepted values.

If the tools enforce a list-of-accepted-values that's a bit stricter
than upstream's, that's fine too; but what the heck are we doing
allowing obvious mistakes in specfiles to pass?

			regards, tom lane

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