[Fedora-packaging] Requires(hint):

Ralf Corsepius rc040203 at freenet.de
Wed Jun 25 14:56:37 UTC 2008

On Wed, 2008-06-25 at 07:13 -0700, Christopher Stone wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 25, 2008 at 5:02 AM, Ralf Corsepius <rc040203 at freenet.de> wrote:

> > Rationale: It's undocumented, error-prone pollution to spec files, which
> > is likely to show harmful effects once rpm/yum/apt etc. should start
> > support it.
> If rpm/yum/apt ever started to support it, then that would be the
> greatest thing ever. 
Well, it would be a random accident if your constructs would match with
rpm's "then syntax".

E.g. openSUSE's rpm has such constructs, but they are using a different
*spec-syntax. They have "Recommends:, Supplements:, Enhances:,
Suggests:", not Requires(hint).

>  Too bad that wont ever happen.
You can never be sure. openSUSE claims to be supporting them.

Whether these are useful is a different matter.


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