[Fedora-packaging] Re: [fedora-java] Re: Ownership of /etc/maven/fragments and /usr/share/maven2/poms

Deepak Bhole dbhole at redhat.com
Mon Jun 30 17:09:03 UTC 2008

* David Walluck <david at zarb.org> [2008-06-30 13:04]:
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> Deepak Bhole wrote:
> | I think moving them to jpackage-utils would be sufficient, as it owns a
> | multitude of other java related directories right now. I have put this
> I agree. This is consistent since %{_sysconfdir}/maven is already owned
> by jpackage-utils.
> | Correct, technically they are not configuration related files. I'd be
> happy to
> Config files are specified to always have %config(noreplace) (in my
> rpmlint anyway). So, unless they are user-editable files that can be
> kept between upgrades, then they should be moved. I think that since
> these files aren't meant to be editable and in fact must be kept in sync
> with package upgrades they are not proper config files and should be moved.
> | move them, but I am not sure what the best place for them is either :/ ..
> | suggestions are welcome. The files serve as configuration in the sense
> | that they provide maven with a "mapping" between where maven expects
> | jars to be, and where they actually are on the system.
> The obvious choice seems to be %{_datadir}/maven2/fragments and most
> other files appear to be in %{_datadir}/maven2.

Yep I am fine with this. I will make the change for the next version. A
change of this sort will require rebuild of all maven2 dependent

> The important thing besides single ownership by jpackage-utils is to
> move the maven macros into jpackage.macros so that you don't have to
> change every spec just to change the location of the files.

The fragment dir location is already a macros, and all maven related macros 
are in jpackage-utils already.


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