[Fedora-packaging] Java packaging guidelines draft

Thomas Fitzsimmons fitzsim at redhat.com
Thu Mar 27 14:53:56 UTC 2008

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> Le Mer 26 mars 2008 14:28, Andrew Overholt a écrit :
>> On Tue, 2008-03-25 at 23:03 +0100, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
>>> Le mardi 25 mars 2008 à 17:06 -0400, Tom "spot" Callaway a écrit :
>>>> 8. "%{_jnidir} usually expands into /usr/lib/java." This should
>>> probably
>>>> be %{_libdir}/java.
>>> The original jpp tools scripts are not multilib-safe (I didn't have
>>> a
>>> x86_64 system available when I wrote them). When the problem was
>>> identified by people with the right hardware, a quickfix (proposed
>>> by RH
>>> IIRC) consisted in changing all the %{_libdir}s in the original
>>> guidelines with /usr/lib.
>>> Since then no one took the time to make the scripts multilib-safe.
>> Tom Fitzsimmons has said more than once this is on his list of things
>> to do but he has yet to have time to accomplish it.
> BTW this was by no means an indictment, Tom Fitzsimmon is not the only
> one who could fix the scripts, it was just an explanation why putting
> %{_libdir} in guidelines now would explode horribly.

The blocker currently is the rpm $1 bug which breaks alternatives when 
both 32- and 64-bit JDK packages are installed in parallel.  I'm working 
on a fix for rpm, but it's not easy.  Once that's fixed we can fix 
everything else properly.  I already have jpackage-utils/JDK package 
patches for this that we've tested lightly internally.  But they won't 
work properly until the the rpm bug is fixed.


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