[Fedora-packaging] any reason why "sdcc" package transforms pgms to non-standard names?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Sun Mar 16 16:23:31 UTC 2008

  i'm not sure if this question is too package-specific for this list,
but i'll take my chances.

  for the sake of building "openwrt" on my f8 system, i installed the
"sdcc" (small device c compiler) package.  and yet, when i try to
build openwrt, i get:

Checking 'sdcc'... failed.

firmwarehotplug: firmwarehotplug requires the SDCC Cross Compiler (sdcc).

  a quick check of the pre-built tarballs at sdcc.sourceforge.net
shows that the binaries have names like sdcc, sdcpp and so on.  but
note the names in the fedora package as installed by yum:

$ rpm -ql sdcc | grep bin

  note the additional "sdcc-" prefix that's clearly(?) been added for
the sake of fedora packaging.  i'm not sure if this was done to avoid
some sort of name conflict, but it obviously causes the openwrt build

  is this kind of transformation relatively common?  the build from
the sdcc home page itself uses the regular names, so why is the fedora
packaging rewriting those?  does this happen often?


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