[Fedora-packaging] any reason why "sdcc" package transforms pgms to non-standard names?

Ralf Corsepius rc040203 at freenet.de
Sun Mar 16 16:55:14 UTC 2008

On Sun, 2008-03-16 at 12:23 -0400, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> i'm not sure if this question is too package-specific for this list,
> but i'll take my chances.
>   for the sake of building "openwrt" on my f8 system, i installed the
> "sdcc" (small device c compiler) package.  and yet, when i try to
> build openwrt, i get:
> ...
> Checking 'sdcc'... failed.
> firmwarehotplug: firmwarehotplug requires the SDCC Cross Compiler (sdcc).
> ...
>   a quick check of the pre-built tarballs at sdcc.sourceforge.net
> shows that the binaries have names like sdcc, sdcpp and so on.  but
> note the names in the fedora package as installed by yum:
> $ rpm -ql sdcc | grep bin
> /usr/bin/sdcc-as-gbz80
> /usr/bin/sdcc-as-hc08
> /usr/bin/sdcc-as-z80
> /usr/bin/sdcc-aslink
> /usr/bin/sdcc-asx8051
> /usr/bin/sdcc-link-gbz80
> /usr/bin/sdcc-link-hc08
> /usr/bin/sdcc-link-z80
> /usr/bin/sdcc-makebin
> /usr/bin/sdcc-packihx
> /usr/bin/sdcc-s51
> /usr/bin/sdcc-savr
> /usr/bin/sdcc-sdcc
> ...
>   note the additional "sdcc-" prefix that's clearly(?) been added for
> the sake of fedora packaging.  i'm not sure if this was done to avoid
> some sort of name conflict, but it obviously causes the openwrt build
> error.
I can't comment about this particular case, but ...

>   is this kind of transformation relatively common?
Not in Fedora and not necessarily on Linux, in general practice,
however: yes.

It can very often be found on non-linux OS when a tool's name would
clash with "native" tools's names (e.g. make -> gmake).

>   the build from
> the sdcc home page itself uses the regular names, so why is the fedora
> packaging rewriting those?
To avoid potential name clashes with other tools.

Things like aslink, makebin are simply too risky (rsp. their names are
unfortunately chosen by sdcc's upstream).

>   does this happen often?
No, only when necessary.


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