[Fedora-packaging] Java packaging guidelines draft

Deepak Bhole dbhole at redhat.com
Thu Mar 27 19:54:02 UTC 2008

* Tom spot Callaway <tcallawa at redhat.com> [2008-03-27 15:25]:
> On Thu, 2008-03-27 at 15:13 -0400, Deepak Bhole wrote:
> > An important reason we need the jpp in there currently is to maintain 
> > compatibility with JPackage.
> We have never supported repository mixing. If anything, this serves as a
> good reason that JPackage should drop their disttag.

How many other repositories are there with the entire stack duplicated?
(not being sarcastic.. I really don't know of any). I know that there
were conflicts with Livna and what not a while ago, but those were for a
handful of packages only.

As for JPackage dropping their release tag policy -- not to be the devil's
advocate, but they were here before Fedora...

I have heard of numerous requests for technical arguments as to why the
string is needed. But where the technical arguments as to why it should
be removed? From what I have seen so far, reasons for that are pretty
much "Because it looks better, because it a policy, etc."


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