[Fedora-packaging] The role of %{_libexecdir} for using environment-modules

Jussi Lehtola jussi.lehtola at helsinki.fi
Tue Oct 7 15:51:05 UTC 2008


I'm working on a couple of packages (gromacs and gromacs3) that are
going to use environment-modules since they have a lot of binaries that
otherwise would go to /usr/bin and some of them have very generic names
(e.g. wheel, luck and highway). This way a user can have both the new
release series and the old stable series installed and decide which
version to use.

What is the correct place to put these (architecture dependent)
binaries? Is it OK to use %{_libexecdir}/%{name} (or
%{name}-%{version}) ?
Jussi Lehtola, FM, Tohtorikoulutettava
Fysiikan laitos, Helsingin Yliopisto
jussi.lehtola at helsinki.fi, p. 191 50623
Mr. Jussi Lehtola, M. Sc., Doctoral Student
Department of Physics, University of Helsinki, Finland
jussi.lehtola at helsinki.fi

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