[Fedora-packaging] The role of %{_libexecdir} for using environment-modules

Jason L Tibbitts III tibbs at math.uh.edu
Wed Oct 8 10:55:56 UTC 2008

>>>>> "DL" == Denis Leroy <denis at poolshark.org> writes:

DL> I would recommend %{_libexecdir}/%{name} which seems fairly
DL> common. Or possibly %{_libexecdir}/%{name}-%{ABI} or
DL> %{name}-%{version}, but does it really make sense to have multiple
DL> versions installed at the same time ?

My understanding of the purpose of libexec is that this is fine for
internal binaries, but not for binaries which are expected to be run
by the end user.  However, I don't think libexec is mentioned by FHS
so I guess its up to us (FPC) to make a decision.

The only example that comes to mind of something that has a
non-standard location for binaries is kerberos (/usr/kerberos/bin) but
that seems to be more of a historical thing.  What other options are
there?  Something under /usr/lib?  Does multilib come into this
decision at all?

 - J<

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