[Fedora-packaging] libgdiplus-devel subpackage

Ralf Corsepius rc040203 at freenet.de
Tue Oct 14 11:09:24 UTC 2008

On Tue, 2008-10-14 at 10:11 +0100, Paul wrote:
> Hi,
> Currently libgdiplus is broken into devel and the main package as per
> the packaging rules. However, the .so.0 files in the main package
> symlink to the -devel, so without the -devel subpackage, libgdiplus has
> problems.
> In mono, this is fixed (kind of) by having mono-winforms requiring
> libgdiplus-devel (which pulls in libgdiplus if it's not already
> installed). Not the best solution, but one which works. Obviously, this
> can't be used for libgdiplus.
> Given the nature of libgdiplus can an exception be made to this package
> so the .so file is bundled with the main package as well as the .pc
> file?

>  I know it breaks the packaging regs, but I can't think of another
> way around it.
Please explain, why libgdiplus.so must be part of the run-time.


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