[Fedora-packaging] Re: Group tag in spec files

Panu Matilainen pmatilai at laiskiainen.org
Fri Sep 19 06:16:18 UTC 2008

On Mon, 8 Sep 2008, Ville Skyttä wrote:

> On Monday 08 September 2008, Axel Thimm wrote:
>> We certainly can't afford to lose LSB compliance (I didn't knew
>> Groups: was referenced there), so indeed we need to step down a
>> bit.
> Regarding the LSB, I don't know whether the format of packages produced by rpm
> in current Fedora releases is LSB compliant even without any Group tag
> changes.  If it is, I suppose making Group optional in specfiles does not
> necessarily mean losing LSB compliance, rpmbuild could just insert some fixed
> string as its value in the package headers it produces if the tag is not
> present in a specfile.

Nod. Rpm will now slam in "Unspecified" into group tag if spec doesn't 
specify it (this isn't in Fedora yet, I'm waiting for the freeze to be 
over for the next rebase).

As for LSB compliance generally, we're about as non-compliant as we've 
always been since rpm 4.0.

 	- Panu -

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