[Fedora-packaging] OpenSuse / Fedora Packaging Compatibility?

Roland Wolters wolters.liste at gmx.net
Sun Sep 21 02:59:25 UTC 2008

Hi Ken,

> More importantly, are there any examples of packages which currently use
> the same spec file (perhaps with platform conditional blocks) for both
> distributions?  We'd sure love to use them as an example ...
The OpenSuse build service is full of specs which are used for building both 
packages. The main problems are due to different names for some packages I 
think, but these are handled by if-else statements which automatically check 
the target distribution.

I think for independent software providers the best way is to simply set up a 
OpenSuse build service on your servers and build your packages there. It will 
produce packages and native repositories for several distributions with not 
too much overhead.



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