[Fedora-packaging] Please do not redefine %_bindir

Michael A. Peters mpeters at mac.com
Sun Sep 28 04:07:51 UTC 2008

Building the fedora 9 cpio package for a distribution that puts 
install-info into /usr/bin (where it probably belongs - the info dir is 
in /usr/share so /usr is going to be mounted when you run it, and users 
can make there own info dir so it probably shouldn't be a /sbin or 
/usr/sbin binary, but anyway ...)

So - to port the rpm I needed to change the references to 
/sbin/install-info to %{_bindir}/install-info

After building, it would not install because - yup, the fedora spec file 
redefines %_bindir at the top of the spec file to /bin

Don't do that.

There should be a packaging guideline against that.
It impacts more than just the %configure macro and the %files section, 
which I assume is why it was done. It impacts anything else that uses 

just add --bindir=/bin to the end of the %configure line and specify 
/bin/ in %files and don't redefine the filesystem path macros.

Thank you.

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