[Fedora-packaging] gfortran modules directory owning?

Patrice Dumas pertusus at free.fr
Mon Feb 2 12:00:01 UTC 2009


Some time ago a guideline for gfortran modules directory was accepted:

First I think this should be in the guidelines, %_fmoddir is in since

Second, there is an issue with directory ownership. The directories 
in that proposal, for .mod files, are not owned by any package:
One possibility could be to have libgfortran own them, that way 
libraries dynamically linked whould bring in libgfortran and the 
directories. However for libraries linked statically, this doesn't work
since they don't depend explicitly on libgortran, but they depend on 
gcc-gfortran adding the right link information when doing the link.
The guideline is not to require the compiler for -devel packages, unless
I am missing something. As a side note, since gcc-gfortran is not in 
the minimal buildroot it has to be a BauildRequires, though.

I see 2 possibilities to solve that issue:
* put %_libdir/gfortan %_libdir/gfortan/modules in filesystem
* do an addition to the guideline PackagingDrafts/FortranModulesDir to
  have library linked statically by gfortran and installing .mod files 
  have an explicit dependency on gcc-gfortran.

What's your opinion?

A bugzilla for directory ownership issue:


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