[Fedora-packaging] I wish to package some CC licensed content ...

Lyos Gemini Norezel lyos.gemininorezel at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 19:02:51 UTC 2009

steve wrote:
> Hi Lyos,
> Lyos Gemini Norezel wrote:
>> Question... where would such content be installed?
>> In the users ~/music , ~/video, etc? or a system-wide location?
> I was thinking of doing it in a system-wide location (same as the 
> documentation content, ie: /usr/share/{music,video,books,doc}/) ...but 
> that's just me. Maybe if there is real interest in doing this, we 
> could come up with a content packaging guideline of some sort.

I don't know about your system... but my system already has 349 folders 
in /usr/share ... which would likely be overwhelming to John Q Public.
I'd suggest a different, perhaps dedicated, location if it is to be 

>> Seem, to me, like such content should be installed as a user, not root
>> (ie., seemingly impossible with yum), because not every user on a
>> given system will want said content.
> Same holds true for a lot of already packaged content (fonts, images, 
> docs ...etc).

The difference, I suspect, is context. Fonts are meant to be used by 
many different programs.
Images could be background, icons, startup, etc.

CC content could be more accurately likened to that of a bookshelf (in 
the case of ebooks), or a library, of sorts.

Both are technically *content*... but the CC content you mention has a 
*vastly* different *context* from that of
fonts, images or docs.

>>> Yes ! I do think, having a separate repo would be a good thing. 
>>> Having it Fedora endorsed, might need consideration and a nod by the 
>>> FESCo, though I think I'll start working on creating a yum repo and 
>>> some packages with the cc content I have.
>>> regards,
>>> - steve
>> In this case, I happen to agree, though I question the use of yum to 
>> provide such content (see above).
> I think yum would be good, because it already provides a the 
> capabilities to track (cc content could be upgraded too -- for 
> example, the lld editions), search (...the rpm headers), arrange in 
> groups (for example all works by certain artist) and manage (if you 
> are like me, you can pretty soon lose track of where you downloaded 
> stuff, not so with files that a package provide) your collections.
> The other advantage of course is having a repo would imply the ability 
> to browse through the content. I am thinking we can do for content 
> what rpm did for software.

True enough... though i still think it should be user controlled rather 
than root-controlled.
Perhaps a version of yum could be modified to allow users to install 
such content without
elevated privileges (provided, of course, that it only affects that one 

Lyos Gemini Norezel
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