[Fedora-packaging] I wish to package some CC licensed content ...

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net
Fri Feb 20 12:27:49 UTC 2009

Hi Steve,

1. packaging CC non-software is a good idea as there's no reason it can 
not enhance our user experience as much as critical software such as
xeyes or wanda the fish

2. Doing it outside Fedora proper will result in the usual third-party
merging fights/conflicts we like so much

3. Experience showed relocation was a false good idea. Don't use it. The
proper FHS way is to define clean file location conventions and stick to
them. If you are consistent the user will adapt and add bookmarks or
symlinks as he sees fit

4. RPM groups are basically deprecated. Do not try anything fancy with

5. In general think twice about making a different choice than the one
we use for other packages, assuming you are different and current
practices do not apply to you is usually a mistake.

Thus, while it's fun to reinvent the wheel and resolve again known
problems, if you want to actually succeed, you'd better limit your
ambitions to conventional packaging.

Nicolas Mailhot
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