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Lyos Gemini Norezel lyos.gemininorezel at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 21:31:01 UTC 2009

steve at lonetwin.net wrote:
> Quoting Patrice Dumas <pertusus at free.fr>:
>> I think that you should really use the Fedora guidelines, and help 
>> enhancing
>> Fedora guidelines for content that is acceptable in Fedora (like 
>> computer
>> related books, for example, or videos, that are tied enough with 
>> Fedora or
>> linux). And then you would use those guidelines for this repo (this 
>> doesn't
>> preclude making a document that only holds the guidelines relevant for
>> content that should be much simpler).
> Ok, let me clarify. I think my post gave the impression that i was all 
> charged up to do something new all by myself and unrelated to fedora. 
> This is not the case. The rpms i created and the repo setup was more 
> of a 'proof-of-concept'. I just wanted to see for myself, whether it 
> was worthwhile to 'shoehorn' content in a software package 
> management/distribution tool. For instance, i learned the following this:
> a. Naming pacakges is going to be tough, because books have long 
> titles, such as cory doctorow's, do acronyms make sense ?

Perhaps a good naming guideline for content would be:

for example:

other types would include 'music', 'video', 'musicvideo', etc.

The authors name, like a library, should probably be formatted as 

'ShortTitle' is exactly what it sounds like... something like 'Beginners 
Guide to Windows Networking' could be shortened to
"BeginnersWindowsNetworking" or better "BeginnersNetworking" with the 
full title in the description field.

The versioning scheme could be kept simple:
Revision (ie., revision 4, release 4, etc) . Local version (ie., the 
number of times you modified and re-uploaded the cvs copy . fedora 
release (obviously)

so a book on revision 4, that has been modified 4 times in cvs (rpm 
fixes, spec files fixes/tweaks, etc), and was packaged for fc9 would 
look like:


> b. Version numbers do not make sense for content that is not versioned

Not all content is versioned, but you could still apply a '1.0' version 

>> I don't think this should be a specific goal of the project.
> ...but I do want to separate content from code. So, for example, on 
> installing say yum-content-plugin would one be able to yum grouplist 
> "music/nin"
> of course, yum search "nin" would also do, so no big deal.

Might be worth looking into, eventually.

Just food for thought

Lyos Gemini Norezel
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